this voice beyond comfort

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this voice beyond comfort

This blog is not ashamed to exist as art for art’s sake.  Its purpose is to share creative projects using multiple mediums that would otherwise just sit on my computer or hang on my wall, and to share ideas and experiences related to creative process and self-expression.

This is not a one-size-fits-most project.  This is a place where I post creative experiments, write about some edgier topics or explore them artistically, and indulge in abstract ideas and conceptual forms.  Thus the goal isn’t about popularity or maintaining a profitably agreeable demeanor or whatever.  More like being a firefly in the darkness.  I do have a “lighter” blog functioning as a kind of sister site to this one, here.  You can also find me on Instagram.

All writing and images including photography, artwork, and videos site-wide are my own and not borrowed, rented, bought, or lifted from any other source.

I enjoy making connections on an authentic level.  This means that if I like a post or follow, it is because I genuinely appreciate the material.

Thanks for visiting.

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